Mark Simpson

Teacher - Writer - Speaker - Holistic Coach

Asana - Breath - Meditation - Philosophy
Health - Calm - Wellbeing


Yoga is for everyone.


It helps us to care for ourselves in body, mind and spirit. Yoga and meditation develop and maintain physical and mental wellbeing in our daily lives and positively influences those around us. Benefits include flexibility, balance, strength, focus, calm and connection in body and mind. Regular practice leads to a healthy, relaxed and more connected way of being.


Classes are based on a Purna (complete) style of yoga that includes postures, breathing practices, meditation and philosophy and can be adapted to meet the needs of small groups or your organisation.

At a time when lifestyle and stress are having a significant effect on our physical and mental wellbeing, yoga is a practice that promotes balance in fast paced and busy daily lives. I offer safe, supportive classes that allow you to develop your own practice. I also follow and encourage a commitment to personal and community wellbeing that is grounded in yogic ethics. 


As a holistic health coach and facilitator, I enjoy educating and helping others towards a healthier, calmer and more connected way of being. I’m interested in mindfulness and meditation practices and draw on them both in my own personal life and to help people observe and care for their mind. I also spent 20 years in the corporate world as a lawyer and project support specialist so I understand how yoga and meditation provide real life benefits.

I'm also the author of Light Up the World - Inspiration for a New Humanity, a book about love and transformation, both personal and collective. To buy the book, follow me or to find out more please visit my dedicated website 


When I’m not practicing yoga I write, surf, read lots and play guitar and piano.


I offer general classes and -​

  • Beginner and intermediate classes - to help you or your organisation incorporate yoga into an ongoing wellness program.

  • Corporate yoga, meditation and mindfulness - for people in the busy working world.

  • Wellness talks - on areas of yoga, mindfulness, health and wellbeing.

  • Classes for guys who don’t do yoga but would benefit from some yoga and meditation. 

  • Private classes - to help you start, develop or improve a personal practice. 

  • Yoga classes focussing on relaxation and anxiety-reducing techniques. 

  • Holistic health coaching.

  • Meditation classes.

Classes, workshops & private sessions

For you, your group or organisation


“The decision to engage with Mark has been one of our best. His approach is relaxed, practical, entertaining and very informative.  He provided us with the confidence and knowledge we needed to move forward in reaching our personal goals both in our home and work life”. Tracy McNichol - WA Blue Sky

At our last training conference, we decided to veer from work related subjects to personal development, something that staff might benefit from at a deeper, more personal level.  Mark Simpson conducted 5 sessions with some 30 managers and included health, diet, nutrition, exercise, posture and positive psychology.  Although we were initially unsure what the outcome would be, the overwhelming positive feedback confirmed that it was of real benefit – the group was engaged.  The managers have been given knowledge on healthy living (and working) and we look forward to continuing this learning journey for our staff.  Thanks Mark!  Ross Morgan, Owner, Mulberry Tree Childcare & Kindy, Western Australia



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