We all deserve to be well and happy in body, mind and spirit.  However the challenges of maintaining our wellbeing on all levels in our busy modern lives with the demands placed on us by others or by ourselves is becoming increasingly difficult. Good nutrition, physical movement, taking care of our minds, understanding environmental factors and being well in spirit has a positive effect on our wellbeing on all levels.  I offer wellness programs, talks, facilitate group discussions and offer individual coaching to help you or your organisation improve your wellbeing.


Benefits include greater

  • physical and mental health

  • calm and productivity

  • focus and flexibility

  • balance and strength


As a holistic health coach and yoga teacher I integrate elements of diet and nutrition, lifestyle, movement, meditation and mindfulness to help you move towards optimal wellbeing.  Proactively caring for our health on all levels is empowering and helps us to live a fulfilled and productive life as we grow and develop.

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